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Where to Buy a Dog Backpack?

Do you need a dog backpack for biking or traveling by plane? We will tell you how to choose the right one and how to train an animal to carry it.

How to choose a dog bag

If you are going on a trip, to the country house or the veterinary clinic with a pet, you cannot do without bags for dogs. A large number of options and modifications are perplexing when choosing, let’s figure out what will suit a four-legged friend for the most comfortable and enjoyable trip.

What is a dog bag for?

Carrying or backpack for a dog is not a prison, but a place for privacy and comfortable rest on the road. Carrying walls protect the pet from unfamiliar objects, people and animals, reducing feelings of fear and reducing stress.

To create the most comfortable conditions for the animal, put a soft litter, bed, or dog’s favorite pillow in the carrier. If the size and configuration allow you to carry, place and fasten inside the bowl.

There’s nothing to do without carrying a dog if:

  • You are going on a journey with your dog by train, plane or ship
  • It is necessary to cross the border of the country by car
  • Upcoming hotel stay
  • The pet participates in the exhibition

All these measures oblige the owner to transport the animal exclusively in a plastic carrier, without fulfilling this condition, they are not allowed to board the flight, they prohibit crossing the border and may refuse to check in the room. The use of carrying is prescribed by the rules for the transport of dogs.

When traveling by car, carrying will help to maintain cleanliness in the transport and protect the pet from injuries during fast movement. The animal will not throw from side to side when cornering or when braking.

Carrying allows the owner to briefly leave the pet unattended if necessary to leave. The dog will not run away and will not be able to harm itself or others.

How do the carrying bags for dogs look like

All carriers are divided into 2 types: plastic and soft.

Textile carry bags are very diverse and suitable for dogs of small and medium breeds. Soft carryings are lightweight, they are convenient to use when going to the veterinarian or on a walk. The variety of shapes allows you to choose the perfect design for each pet.

Plastic bag for dogs of different breeds and sizes. They are necessary for long journeys. There are many models in which it is convenient to transport large animals. Some plastic bags are made with wheels to facilitate the transport of heavy dogs.

How to choose a dog bag

The first thing you need to start with is to decide for what purpose you need to carry it. If it will be used only for walks and rare trips to the veterinarian, you should buy a soft carrying bag. And for more serious and longer trips, you can not do without plastic carrying.

The size and weight of the dog is the main criterion for making a decision. The pet should be able to not only lie in the carry but also straighten to its full height. However, it is also not worth leaving too much stock of space so that the dog does not “hit” against the walls of the carrier during movement.

When the issues with the most convenient model of carrying for the animal are resolved, it is worth paying attention to the little things that will facilitate the operation of carrying for the owner.