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Latest News: McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee is a well-known company that delivers a variety of antivirus programs. Today, we’ll take a look at the Total Protection package as well as the features it offers. In this McAfee review, we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of the software.

A brief overview

The Total Protection package offers parental controls, a file deletion, a password manager, optimization tools as well as auto- and manual malware scans. It works with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. One subscription can cover up to 10 devices. It is directly reflected in the cost.

The independent test labs have shown that it detects major threats and viruses. However, it still misses some. The lack of 100% detection and removal seems like a huge disadvantage.

When a user opens the main window, he gets access to every module and some quick actions.

The top of the screen has five main modules:

  1. Home;
  2. PC Security;
  3. PC Performance;
  4. My Privacy;
  5. My Info.

At the main part of the screen, there are quick-access buttons to features like scanning, updates, web protection, and cleaner (remove cookies and trackers). While some users find this interface to be quite confusing, once you get used to it, the complications disappear.

The pros and cons of the software

The advantage of Total Protection is that the software has a wide range of security and optimization features. It also has a very low impact on system performance which makes it imperceptible on the device. The company offers an efficient support system. It’s easy to reach out to a specialist and resolve any questions or issues related to the software or services.

On the other hand, there is a place for improvement as well. The price tag is one of them. While the first year is often cheap due to various promotions, the renewal is pricey. So, be attentive when you sign up to avoid unpleasant surprises at the auto-renewal. Keep in mind that one must stop the subscription before removing the software to prevent further payments. What’s more, the quality of protection is not very high. Some other bundles offer much better protection. Finally, compared to other solutions, this is a rather bulky choice that has a greater impact on system performance.

Extra features that come with Total Protection

McAfee offers its users such extras as a firewall, a password manager, a silent detection mode, etc. One of the convenient features for better online security is the browser link checking tool.

There is also an App Boost feature. It comes as a part of the bundle and automatically activated. The main goal is to reassign the power of the system to guarantee smooth and fast performance. A Web Boost does the same thing for online browsing.

McAfee has added a cookie removal tool and a file encryption utility. For an additional cost, a user may add a VPN.

The verdict

Although McAfee is known for its reliable antivirus solutions, Total Protection failed to be as superb as some other options. Even such a huge selection of extra features and tools could help. So, if you wish to get McAfee antivirus protection, look at other bundles. Otherwise, you can explore alternative options from other leaders in the industry.