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Total AV Package Features: Why Is This Software Worth Your Attention?

Total AV has had its ups and downs. Luckily, the developers treated the users’ opinion seriously and improved the software. Now it’s a decent program that delivers protection from various threats and viruses. Let’s find out more about the features you’ll get when you install Total AV antivirus.

The general Total AV Overview

Before we dive into the TotalAV package features, you need to realize that there are several versions of the program. It differs not only in price but in the number of features and tools you get. In case you want to download and install free Total AV, you should be ready to see only core protection. Upgrade to the premium to benefit from numerous extra features.

The software was adjusted to work on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Each device gets a bit modified version depending on the platform. While Windows PCs and laptops can get all the features, the app for iPhones will be limited to an optimizer, a secure browser, and a photo manager.

Only premium users get to pick what to do with the files that got to quarantine. You’ll have 3 options: to delete, whitelist or do nothing. Users with a free version of Total AV Antivirus won’t have this choice.

The variety of features you can expect

As a rule, the complete selection of features comes with a premium account and a Pro version. First of all, you’ll be able to use all 4 modules of the software. They include antivirus, system boost, disk scanner, and web security. Each module is color corrected for your convenience. If green changes to yellow or red, some actions need to be taken. Now, onto the package features.

As soon as you install the software, you’ll get:

  • A VPN,
  • A personal firewall,
  • Ad-Block Pro,
  • A password manager,
  • System boost tool,
  • Disk cleaner,
  • Real-Time protection, etc.

A Virtual Private Network is rather basic and offers only 40 servers. Yet, it’s more than enough for the intended purpose, i.e. safe online browsing. If you want to unblock some sites like Netflix, this VPN won’t be your best solution. Mind that it doesn’t have a kill switch.

A personal firewall and a password manager are useful elements to add security to your personal information. Besides, the company used Real-Time protection feature that will prevent malware from getting to your PC.

Aside from Internet security tools, the software has some features to improve general performance. they include disk cleaner and system boost tools. Using them all together, you are sure to keep your device free from unnecessary files and bugs that slow it down.

The verdict

All in all, if you upgrade to the premium account, you are sure to like the package features that come with the antivirus. Yet, you need to take a look at the results of the independent tests to make sure you like the software’s efficiency.