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The general review of Avira Antivirus program 2019

Avira Antivirus is an antivirus program consisting of an antivirus module and a module that protects the user’s computer from virus infection from the network.

The latest Avira Free Antivirus 2019 combines two modules: a scanner and a firewall. Some additional features are available when connecting a free plug-in for web browsers.

A distinctive feature of Avira is the ability to scan suspicious files in the cloud server. This reduces the load on computer system resources, does not slow down active processes.

So, let’s check the core points of computer security that the developers of Avira guarantee their clients.

  •      This active anti-virus scanner does not miss viruses, trojans and other malicious programs, ensuring complex safety for the device.
  •      Ransomware programs that may encrypt or damage information on the computer do not have any chances for surviving.
  •      Email is also protected from malware attacks.
  •      If the user’s files were destroyed, the intelligent file recovery system would help to handle the situation.
  •      Unknown and suspicious files will be scanned in real time using Protection Cloud technology.
  •      The antivirus has a built-in self-learning algorithm that creates unique protection.
  •      Antivirus Pro has a self-defense feature enabled: it will remain enabled and active even if another program tries to turn it off.
  •      Do not worry if it is safe to work with other people’s flash media, and the antivirus will scan files on connected devices.

And what about security on the Internet?

  •      The built-in WebProtection function will not allow downloading malicious files to a PC.
  •      Network traffic is also scanned. If it is necessary, suspicious files will be blocked.
  •      An opportunity to buy online and pay with cards safely.
  •      Cloud scanning allows checking the required records quickly.
  •      For instance, if you download music, video files and graphics from the Internet, then these files will also be scanned by antivirus.
  •      There is Botnet protection.
  •      The built-in Firewall Manager provides flexible configuration and management of Microsoft’s firewall.

Some releases represent modern Avira for Windows and MacOS operating systems, as well as for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

It should be noted that Avira Antivirus for Mac computers differs only in the interface. The mobile antivirus version has been added with many useful features, including:

  •      phone lock;
  •      determining the location of the device;
  •      automatic shutdown of unwanted subscribers;
  •      activation of the sound signal when searching for a smartphone;
  •      full clearing of contents of memory (effectively if a phone has been stolen).

The difference between the paid release and the initial release of the antivirus is many additional functions. Standard extra features are associated with a lack of advertising and technical support from the developer.

Important improvements:

  •      protection against unknown ransomware viruses;
  •      search for malicious code in email, downloadable objects, and devices connected via USB ports;
  •      priority scan on the cloud server.

In addition to virus protection, Avira Antivirus Pro has built-in Internet protection features, customizable malware protection (Adware, Malware), functions to create a liveCD boot disk for virus treatment, game mode, and additional modules such as Avira System Speed Up to speed up Windows 10.